Our Mission

The Mind Free mission is to empower you to live your life to its fullest potential. To live a healthier and happier life. To be the best you.

Our Philosophy

We love new ideas. Our philosophy is to make everything easier, simpler and most importantly more effective. It’s about simple, practical steps that work. We are always asking “how can we do this better?”, “how can we make this more easy to implement?” “How can we make this more engaging?”.

Our Culture

Its our culture that makes us unique. We don’t really do “jobs”. Coming to work for Mind Free doesn’t feel like work. Our staff happiness, passion and enthusiasm is our top priority. You would be hard pressed to find a more flexible work environment.

Working with Eating Disorders

Using our modern approach to self help we have been helping sufferers of eating disorders since 2007. We have produced the best selling (and best reviewed) eating disorder recovery book “The Bulimia Help Method”. Pioneer of the step-by-step recovery program The Bulimia Help Method



Meet Richard Kerr

Richard C Kerr is the founder of Mind Free, a meditation teacher, yoga instructor, bestselling author, and neuroscience junkie.

Richard was once was a sufferer of crippling anxiety for over 10 years, living in Ireland and struggled to make it through each day.

He then made a commitment to self-improvement. Today, he is a bestselling author, speaks in front of thousands and teaches his meditation methods around the globe. Richard has a rare gift of inspiring others via communicating complex ideas simply and clearly.

His approach to meditation combines modern science and ancient wisdom and also draws inspiration from the works of Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dr Peter A. Levine, Dr Russ Harris and Barry Mcdonagh.

Richard is the founder of BulimiaHelp.org where he uses mindfulness techniques to help heal people with eating disorders. Richard also can be found teaching weekly mindful Yoga classes in Glasgow Scotland.

– An experienced certified meditation instructor and yoga teacher
– A neuro-science junkie with a love for simple ideas that make big differences.
– Author of best selling (and best reviewed) eating disorder recovery book “The Bulimia Help Method” ( which uses his nero-science knowledge to help cure bulimia nervosa.)